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Wisdom the 2nd time around

With Mothers Day on its way, I thought I’d write something mumish.

I never thought I would actually be able to claim being a wise mum, especially seeing as you are usually out-witted by your own mother most of the time.

If you had the sort of childhood I had, you will remember how incredibly annoying your mother’s wise words were she always had a talent for making you realize just how little you knew of the world. My mum never said I’m right or anything along those lines, she didn’t have to, SHE JUST WAS and everyone knew it!

Mom Knows Best Meme


Well, now it’s my turn [insert wicked laugh here]!!!!

Can I just say though, when you have your first baby, the wise mum gene does not kick in. It is the feel guilty and second guess your instincts gene that is at work during this time! I thought I would have a head start on my fellow 1st-time mamas because I graduated with a GPA of 3.8 in Early Childhood Educationummmmm WRONG! As it turns out, babies don’t read Early Childhood texts, they don’t care for Early Childhood theories, and they don’t often respond to your efforts like it says in the book. I think I drove my husband to almost jump off our balcony by always saying, but it says in the book.

Jumping off Balcony

I digress

What was I saying? Oh yeah, NOW IM FLIPPING WISE!

This feeling of getting your sh*t together doesn’t kick in until you have lived through the ups and downs of everyday living with your first bub, and then I think you just learn to relax and roll with it! As one dad confessed one morning at work, We tried really hard with our first, then we stopped all that with the others! So honest, I LOVE IT!

Which brings me to our interactive part of the blog this is for all my many [3 or so] readers!

How have you wised up since having your first baby? Will you do anything differently with your second/ third/ tenth baby?

I look forward to my many [3 or so] responses!

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