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Stories from today and a scary looking baby!

Today I met some amazing children at a North Shore preschool that floored me for very different reasons! Please note, names have been changed to protect their identity.

Child #1 (let’s call him Johnnycake That’s what autocorrect came up with, so I’m going with it!!) was introduced to me as gifted, particularly in maths!

Amanda (me): So I heard you are very good at maths!
Johnnycake: Yep!
Amanda: What kind of maths do you know?
Nicola (teacher): How about you tell us the formula for Pi?
Johnnycake: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884 and he was just going to keep going!
Nicola: It’s an infinite number isn’t it?
Amanda =

No F**king Way


Nicola: So what is the 10th number after the decimal point?
Johnnycake swiftly replies with, 5.
Nicola: So is the 11th number higher or lower than 5, because you would have to round the 10th number up or down.
Johnnycake: It’s 8. Round up!

Johnnycake is 4!


No F**king Way


After meeting Johnnycake, I was then introduced to Jimmy. Jimmy is not gifted per se, but he had a talent for making me laugh. What was his favorite topic of discussion? BOOBS.

Jimmy (at the art table): Bue and yuh-yo makes geeeeeen!
Amanda: That’s right, blue and yellow make green.
Jimmy: How about I make a booboo ocean?
Amanda: (Thinking he is talking about poo) A poo ocean?
Jimmy: Noooo. A booboo ocean. You know, (motions to his chest), like what your mummy has. Boobies. I call them Booboos.

Then, there was the scary baby

Scary Baby


What type of sicko makes a toy baby with PINK EYES? This baby either has conjunctivitis or is possessed. Really toy maker, really? What exactly were you thinking? Actually, I don’t want to know.

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