(…and other reading too!)

I cannot stress enough how amazing this resource has been for me as an Early Childhood Teacher. I was introduced to ‘The Book Depository’ by a colleague when she noticed the prices I had been paying from my regular visits to the local bookstore. According to my very wise colleague, The Book Depository has an extensive range of incredibly priced picture books (and books from all other genres) and delivery is FREE OF CHARGE!

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical and a touch embarrassed, as I thought I was being clever by sourcing some of my picture books from another online site. However, whilst the prices of the books were rather cheap to purchase the shipping doubled my overall expenditure- not a happy teacher! So I was super excited to learn that I could source my teaching resources from a UK-based website and pay a fraction of what I would in Aussie bookshops.

Now I know I am not doing our economy justice by shopping overseas. However, I supplement my incredibly cheap purchases from The Book Depository with purchases from local Australian bookstores! Everyone is happy (especially the children I teach!)