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Meet Little Birdy Lau

It was viewing this image at our first ultrasound that completely changed mine and my husband’s life. We are parents-to-be and could not be happier (and this news probably has something to do with my absence online!). However Bird & Broomers, as first-time parents-to-be I have to say that the medical treatment we received in my local area of Sydney was underwhelming, to say the least. As many of you know, this is an incredibly precious and unique experience that generates a great deal of happiness and excitement between a mother-to-be and her child, however, the general practitioners I saw during my first trimester were terrible and left me feeling uninspired and like my news was not worth even being happy about. My eldest sister explained that GPs don’t view pregnancy as something wrong with you, so they want you in and out. Not only did they feel that nothing was wrong with me, they basically told me conflicting information about my blood test results, made me worry that I was risking the health of my baby, took personal phone calls when I was in their consultancy room, denied undertaking certain tests that I had to have before my first antenatal appointment, almost bungled my blood test information (i.e. told me I hadn’t been tested for certain things when I had, this GP didn’t read my results properly) and then told me, Okay Amanda, you know your way out don’t you? I have to go and meet my daughter now. Okay bye-bye and left me in the room by myself! It was finally a relief to see a highly competent, very passionate General Practitioner who happens to be related to my husband’s side of the family and immediately I knew I was in great hands. She made everything so simple, organized everything for me (ultrasound appointments, faxed paperwork to my nominated hospital etc.), and gave me a thorough physical examination to check for thyroid problems, breast abnormalities and whilst doing so, happened to find an abnormality on my cervix! Thank goodness for GPSsthat love what they do and genuinely care for their patients.

To my loyal Bird & Broom readers

Thank you for continuing to visit the site even though I have not been updating it regularly. I hope to do so from this point on and will be making some adjustments to the site based on the feedback I have received. Mwah! X

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