inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Getting The Idea Garden under way, here are some photos I took whilst at an inspiring learning spaces workshop earlier this year.

 Inspired by Nature

As the title suggests, the following photographs exhibit a range of open-ended resources you can introduce in your home or early childhood settings as a way of inviting young children to explore, experiment and express their creative ideas!

A circle of natural resources, bounded within thick Sailing-style rope, to get the creative juices flowing. What would your children do if offered a space, or resources, like this?

Bark, twigs, clippings off trees can be interesting props for dramatic play or textural resources for creative art projects!


Bits of wool, ribbon, hair (!!!), thread, twine etc. can create interesting effects on art paper!


Sticks and stones, reeds and weaving

Let your imaginations run wild with the natural resources in your surrounding environments. Allow children to contribute to the resources provided in their Early Childhood setting by encouraging them to go on a nature walk and collect anything that inspires them to play in different ways. Encourage families to get involved by collecting interesting objects from the community, perhaps through council cleanups! The options are limitless.

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