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Dr. Evil: A pretty typical parent?

Dr Evil and Scott

Come and give your Dad a hug

Let’s face it, Dr. Evil doesn’t really pop up in ANYONE’s mind as a model parent, especially when we are too busy just enjoying the sheer stupidity and humor of the Austin Powers series. But I’m going to say it Dr. Evil is a cool and very relatable parent!

Here’s why:

  1. He is a believer in baby wearing! For all the babywearing mums and dads out there, we know the benefits of keeping our bubs close and apparently so does Dr. Evil! Even though we are cringing at the sight of him using a forward-facing carrier, I think it is cool he is actually using a baby carrier!
  2. He acknowledges that all children are different! Aren’t they ever? Whilst I am only a mum to one (that’s enough for now), I can appreciate this sentiment because of my teaching career.
  3. He compares his kids to one another. Whilst many of you may poo poo doing this, I have news for you if you have ever thought that your children are different to one another, you JUST COMPARED THEM! We all do it and it is not always a bad thing. In fact, acknowledging differences means you are able to accommodate your children’s needs more specifically because you aren’t just placing them in the same basket. However, using differences to create competition between your kids is a very different thing, and generally not great parenting.
  4. He wants approval from his kids. We were young once, and as we get older our children have a talent for reminding us of how old we really are. Even if you are a young mum or dad, you are still old to your children. Everything we do is annoying or daggy or old, and because of this we try HARDER to be cool and accepted, which makes us look even more out-of-touch. Ahhhh crap.
  5. He tries to save face through teasing. If your child has just made you look like a fool well, might as well act the part! Again, not the best parenting practice, but I’m certain Dr. Evil isn’t the only one¬†who has tried to save face by reverting to childish behavior and dad jokes!

Anyway, I think Dr. Evil is pretty cool.

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