easter chocolate

Dear family, thank you for Brontes Easter chocolates they were great!

This is going to sound really wrong, but you know I’m going to write it anyway

One of the many benefits of having young children are the Easter chocolates they cannot eat, but your family members cannot resist giving!

Easter Eggs


Do I feel guilty for eating something that wasn’t intended for me? HELL NO! Besides, my daughter will still get the sugar hit when she has her morning breastfeed.

Irresponsible or contradictory parenting? Perhaps.

Do I care? Nope.

I attribute these values to my wonderful daddy who loved to remind me at times where I noted contradictions in his parenting,

Do as I say, not as I do.

Of course, this drove me nuts at the time, but now I’m a parent I can see my dad’s words coming out of my mouth if I trip up in contradictions and we all know that day will come. Children have a talent for spotting contradictions from a very young age, and its great that they do because it mentally keeps us on our toes, and when they are teens we will have to be a few steps ahead of the game!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday, I certainly have!

Eating Easter Eggs

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