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Day dreaming with children

This term I have been working in a community-based preschool that has access to the internet from their in-class flatscreen television monitors. After a rather busy indoor/outdoor program, the children from both preschool groups are invited to return to their respective rooms for an afternoon relaxation session, which is programmed at the Early Childhood Teacher’s discretion. Sometimes there is a meditation session, a visualization story to listen to, yoga postures to soft music, and sometimes there are opportunities to watch short videos from the internet before engaging in discussion about what was viewed. Having a personal love and fascination with the imaginations of the Sony Bravia team, I have been sharing the following videos:


…and my preschoolers’ favourite…


There are plenty more videos from Sony Bravia on Youtube that you can access and then use as a platform for discussion with your children. It is interesting the range of questions that emanated from watching these clips and the direction we were able to take it was incredible, particularly in terms of creative arts.


X Mrs Bird & Broom

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