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Compare the Pair

In a recent post, I may have mentioned that comparing your children to one another is a normal and often reflex action, particularly when trying to make a point to your not so conformist child. We also do it in a subtle way at preschool or school to gently encourage those wigglers to sit still just like Jenny!

What we’d really like to say is, Stop rolling around on the floor and driving me nuts you littleĀ (Beeeeeeeeeeeeep)! .Ahhhh, I digress.

Comparing the behavior of two children is often done in the above two contexts to provoke the desired reaction. Comparing another person’s child to your own now that is war!

This happened the other day when a friend and her one-year-old came over for a play date. Can I just say that neither one of us did the comparing it was my Mother In Law (MIL) comparing the physical development of her grandchild to my friend’s child!

Oh, Jenny doesnt move as much as Bronte

Why did my MIL say that? Ohhh, probably to make conversation. What she did not realize is that those words could potentially imply that something must be wrong with Jenny because she is not doing the same as Bronte. Bloody heck. THANKFULLY my friend is very easygoing and did not react to the comment. But can I say, PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CHILD TO ANOTHERS unless you want this


And with those loving words, I will leave you with this

Food for thought next time you think of comparing

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