About Me

Hi there!

My name is Amanda Lau. I am a passionate Teacher working, and constantly learning, alongside preschool aged children within the profession of Early Childhood Education. I am based in Sydney, Australia and currently work for a number of community-based preschools in New South Wales. I also recently became a parent for the first time to a beautiful baby girl.

This blog is essentially an outlet for me to: share real experiences of Early Childhood Teaching with a wider audience, prompt conversations about contemporary Early Childhood topics (in the media and academic journals) and inspire parents and educators to push the envelope in terms of believing in the potential and abilities of young children.

In fact, the role of the teacher is complex, multifaceted, and necessarily fluid, responsive to the changing times and needs of children, families, and society   (Edwards, 2012, p. 148)

*If you are a parent or educator of young children and you are keen to share your experiences, please contact me on