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A change is as good as a holiday

Says who?

Whilst staring at my computer screen, helping my macular degeneration along, it hit me a PARENT came up with this saying! ┬áIsn’t it obvious? Our lives can be so monotonous that ANYTHING without children is as good as a holiday.


Let me explain our neighbors, along with their one-year-old, my husband, and our one-year-old, went to yum cha today in Westfield Bondi Junction.blah blah blah. after lunch, my friend and I offloaded our children and prams to our hubby’s and RAN! That 5 mins of running away like school girls whilst our husbands looked crazed and confused running after us was AS GOOD AS A HOLIDAY! But I digress

My blog is undergoing a few changes. Stick around to see what I come up with.

The Help Movie Photo

Not actually me image from The Help movie.

It’s more like this

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