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Original verses cover: opening up the conversation with children

This may not be considered a typical conversation in terms of Early Childhood Education, but when I was a little girl I remember hearing a tune on the radio, falling in love with it and honestly believing that this was the original and only version of that song. Of course, this was sometimes the case and at times not the case. I have no idea Read More →

don't think

Stop, I dont like it

Often when working within the profession of Early Childhood Education, I witness many instances of young children (between the ages of 4-5yrs) holding their hand up to another child’s face and literally shouting, STOP, I DONT LIKE IT. Most reactions that I have seen from the child on the receiving end of this call-to-action statement include bewilderment, confusion and often the child will keep doing the Read More →

dr. evil star wars

Dr. Evil: A pretty typical parent?

Let’s face it, Dr. Evil doesn’t really pop up in ANYONE’s mind as a model parent, especially when we are too busy just enjoying the sheer stupidity and humor of the Austin Powers series. But I’m going to say it Dr. Evil is a cool and very relatable parent! Here’s why: He is a believer in baby wearing! For all the babywearing mums and dads Read More →

draw a line

Where do you draw the line?: Regulating the Regulators

I was at work on Monday morning, preparing my cup of coffee during morning tea time (as I usually do), and our Director said that The National Regulations state we cannot drink hot drinks in the presence of children. Admittedly,  I was: Shocked at the sudden change in our workplace, then Understanding of the hazards associated with carrying hot water around young children, and then I Read More →

boom box

My baby: The player!

My 15-month-old daughter is a total player, and please don’t get this confused with the slang version, playa because she ain’t no homie yo!   Okay, so perhaps she loves her dad’s baseball caps a little too much! Seriously though, I’m talking about the kind of player that reserves all her irrational, whiney, sookie, tantrum behavior just for my husband and I, and in public, Read More →

advice from a tree

Advice From A Tree

Yes, you read that correctly. No, I have not gone mad although that would be an interesting changeI digress. I received advice from a tree yesterday and it was the most wonderful, powerful, profound stuff to come out of our local garden nursery! Have a read of this: Advice From A Tree Wouldn’t that be a set of inspiring mantras to introduce to the children Read More →

child pair

Compare the Pair

In a recent post, I may have mentioned that comparing your children to one another is a normal and often reflex action, particularly when trying to make a point to your not so conformist child. We also do it in a subtle way at preschool or school to gently encourage those wigglers to sit still just like Jenny! What we’d really like to say is, Read More →

playground swings

Fight or Flight? Coping with playground bullying

This looks like the perfect scene for some pretty amazing social interactions and a provocateur for imaginations to run wild. The only thing is that this can also be a scene for playground bullying and can cause young children, and their parents, distress. The reason I bring it up is because a preschool student of mine has been bullied on family outings to the park, Read More →

scary baby

Stories from today and a scary looking baby!

Today I met some amazing children at a North Shore preschool that floored me for very different reasons! Please note, names have been changed to protect their identity. Child #1 (let’s call him Johnnycake That’s what autocorrect came up with, so I’m going with it!!) was introduced to me as gifted, particularly in maths! Amanda (me): So I heard you are very good at maths! Read More →

easter chocolate

Dear family, thank you for Brontes Easter chocolates they were great!

This is going to sound really wrong, but you know I’m going to write it anyway One of the many benefits of having young children are the Easter chocolates they cannot eat, but your family members cannot resist giving!   Do I feel guilty for eating something that wasn’t intended for me? HELL NO! Besides, my daughter will still get the sugar hit when she Read More →

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